Wiretaps to Big Data

By the end of the first quarter of 2010, Apple had sold 42.5 million iPhones of various types. Most of these iPhones had an "App Store" application - a virtual button on the user interface that provides the user with a cellular data connection to a store that sells software applications that can be downloaded and run on the iPhone. The apps take many, many forms. There are, of course, myriad games, but there are also apps that enable one to purchase airline tickets, reservations at restaurants, audio books, and bimonthly lectures on philosophy.


Java's 20 Years Of Innovation

May 23 marks 20 years since the first version of Java was released for public use. The timing of its arrival coincided with the advent of the web and the new role technology took in improving business productivity, streamlining business processes, and creating new ways for businesses and customers to interact.

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